10 Best Ways to Build Your E-mail Marketing List

A well-designed e-mail marketing strategy can be one of the most effective and powerful tools in your online marketing arsenal. E-mail marketing is a high-impact and low-cost way of delivering your marketing message to your customers- If you have a great e-mail list.

As a marketer, it’s your job to make sure you’re constantly adding fresh contacts to your e-mail marketing list. Unfortunately, like other marketing, e-mail marketing is also a numbers game, so if you don’t have enough contacts, you have wrong peoples on your list, you simply won’t be able to get the results you need.

Before we get started first, let’s talk about what is E-mail Marketing List?

E-mail Marketing is a collection of e-mail addresses that a business can create by engaging with customers through lead-generation strategies. E-mail list can shrink as subscribers opt-out of subscriptions.

Without a good e-mail marketing list, all your other digital marketing efforts are incomplete.

To help you, here is a list of ways to grow your e-mail marketing list. Most of these ideas take some time to work, but soon you’ll have an e-mail list to work on.

So, if you need more e-mail subscribers, here are plenty of ways to get them.

10 Best E-mail Marketing List Building Techniques:

Run a Giveaway:

Offering a reward is the best technique to grow your marketing list. You can offer a giveaway using your e-mail list and encourage your current subscribers to share your giveaway with others via social media, to get extra entries. Not only you will get more e-mail addresses but also build brand awareness at the same time.

Build from Your Blog:

Your blog is a great way to build a personal relationship with customers and to gather their e-mails. The whole point of creating a blog is to provide value to your audience. Since that value is free, why won’t people want to know when you’ve posted more content to your website. Add a newsletter sign-up form in your blog, and encourage people to sign-up for more valuable content.

Use Sign-up Sheets:

In community show, trade show, or in your store- whenever people interact with your business, encourage them to write down their details by putting out a sign-up sheet. It’s a remarkable way to build your e-mail marketing list.

Optimize Your Website:

When someone visits your website, it’s a clear signal that they may be interested in your business. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get them on your marketing list. You should make it easy for people to sign up for your e-mail list.

Simply add an e-mail subscription form on every main page of your site, as well as on the pages for most popular products or services.

Offer Discount to Your New Subscribers:

If you want to build a great marketing list, consider offering a discount or other reward for new and valid e-mail subscribers. This is particularly useful when you’re running a deal since people love to share this with their families and friends. Hopefully, you’ll get more people to visit your site.

Get Mail Address through Social Media:

Social media can allow you to reach new peoples and make new connections. You need to take every opportunity on social media to encourage your audience to visit your website, where you can offer newsletter or sign-up form to get their e-mail addresses.

Make Your E-mails Easy to Share:

Your current e-mail subscribers have the power to give you more new leads for your business. Many people share e-mails that contain coupons or discount offers with their families and friends. You need to make it easy for them to share the information with others.  It’s a great way to obtain new leads for your e-mail marketing list.

Word of Mouth:

Ask your current and new customers to refer new subscribers to your marketing list. Sweeten the deal by offering them a special discount or other rewards for a valid and confirmed e-mail address.

Take Advantage of Receipts:

When some make a purchase at your business, you can add an option to sign up for your email newsletter.

The benefit for your customers is that, whenever you organize an event or special discounts, they will be aware of all this. Most people are comfortable with giving away their e-mail addresses during a transaction, so it’s an easy way to build out your marketing list.

Only-Subscriber Access:

Everyone likes the feeling of being in something exclusive. Offer your subscribers something only they can get. It might be a special discount, a useful piece of content, access to video, or e-book. You only need to promote the availability of this exclusive access in order to encourage more e-mail addresses.

Bottom Line

Although it takes time to build out a good e-mail marketing list, the results are really worth it. These are all examples of things you can start doing today to increase your marketing list. With the right offer, these techniques should help you build out your e-mail marketing list and help you to take advantage of the potential of e-mail marketing.  Hopefully, this article has given you a few tactics to try.

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