3 Mantra’s to Motivate Employees to Come in Time

Motivation in the workplace is as important as the resting after the hard work in a day. Without Motivation no one can perform as good as we think. So first priority is to motivate your employees so that they work with great enthusiasm. If your workplace is dull not full with excitement, employees will intend to come late and your production will suffer a quality loss.

Office environment not only limited to quality and quantity of the production but also determines the behavior of the employees to a great extent. Employees who arrive late in the office quite a few times might have specific reasons, but regular repetition of the problem is a habit. This bad habit must be controlled by proper superiority and the value of the work and the place.

Steps to identify and act to motivate employees:

1. Behavioral Identification:

To know the behavior of the employees is quite difficult but it’s a fundamental task. To know the reason behind the employees coming late firstly understand the intention of coming late. Know whether there is a particular or strong reason behind coming late or doing intentionally. Check the pattern of the timing if it happen very often the doing it intentionally. Go ad talk with him or her directly to understand the reason behind. Check for the issue that is related to the office environment which is making him or her comes late and then handle it. If the reason is personal then encountering it with logic is the best option as you cannot hurt the sentiment. Make him understand the value of the work and the importance of his contribution in it.
On other hand, if they did not have any logical reason then doing all such thing very intentionally. Go with face to face discussion on this. If he or she is trying to be over smart then prove that you are the boss too and stop their meddling with the development process and workflow.

2. Pro -action:

It is like a conventional game where you need to have a strategy. Or else one single wrong move might undermine your credibility as a boss. Look out for a pattern. When you find in your hand then become pro-active. The best way to tackle the situation is talking with the person in a one on one basis. Explain the entire issue to him properly in proper manner. If the person is not that easy to crack then you better make it hard for him but in a professional way. Call a meeting and have your documents ready and explain the problem to everyone. Signify the person who is constantly late and make them understand about the ethics and etiquettes. This will be very helpful as all the employees will witness the example. They will refrain themselves from doing so in the future.

3. Verbal display of disappointment:

This is the basic trick that our mothers used upon us when we were a child. The punctuality problem is nothing but a childish behavior or rather a casual approach .This technique can be used in a strategic way to make the person understand his negligence as well as his or her value in the team. As for example when he or she is late for the meeting or office, tell him or her that you were waiting for him as it can be done only by you but the void has to be filled with someone he or she admires or respects. The employee immediately will be ashamed to a degree that can change his or her entire behavior and casualness. The employee will realize that for his fault other employees are paying the price dearly. The behavior will change eventually as it is affecting the co-workers.

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