3 Silly Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Facebook Campaigns

Facebook is dominating the social media network right now, with more than 2 billion active users. And from when Facebook launches its own advertising network, it became more popular among business owners to promote their brand or products with it.

Facebook advertising now becomes the most popular paid media advertising platform available today, with more than 90% of marketers using it due to the ease of use and variety of options.

Like all the aspects of digital marketing, the best practices for Facebook advertising are changing. That’s why it is necessary for marketers to use Facebook advertising correctly without any mistakes. With changing algorithms, your poorly created ads can cause you to waste your money and not getting the results you’re looking for.

All types of businesses have the ability to achieve their goals using Facebook advertising if it used correctly. But they mostly failed, because they’re doing many silly mistakes that can cause losing a lot of money and time. Let’s take a look at 3 mistakes that many marketers make with Facebook advertising.

Targeting Wrong Audience:

Facebook allows marketers to choose a specific group of people to whom they want to show their ads. These groups of people can be based on their interests, demographics, field of study, and behaviors.  If you choose the wrong group of people, you won’t end up with as many conversions as you would if you selected the groups of people who are really interested in buying your product or service.

That’s why, before you start creating your Facebook audience, you need to know what your target market is. Once you figure out your targeted audience, you can put that market into Facebook and start creating your Ad. You also need to make sure that the audience you want to target is not too broad. Because it might sound good that you have a reach of millions of people, but they will be less likely to convert because not all the peoples are interested in your product or service.

To avoid this kind of mistake, know your audience. Come up with a buyer perspective and be as detailed as possible. When you start targeting your Facebook ads, look back to your buyer persona and choose the behavior, interests, and demographics that fit into it.

Not using Facebook Pixels:

Tracking and reporting is an essential part of any advertising strategy. Let’s dive into the Facebook pixel.

Facebook pixel is a code that you paste on your website. It collects all that data that helps you to track your conversions from Facebook ads, building audiences for future ads, and the purpose of remarketing. It tracks users when they interact with your website and with your Facebook Ads.

From the data you collect using Facebook pixel, you can analyze how the audience engages with you and use that data to better your ads and continue to sell them on Facebook.

Even if you’re not using Facebook ads yet, you should install the Facebook pixel now, and it will start collecting data right away.

While rightly installed Facebook pixels are a great way to check your ad’s effectiveness in driving results, whether your goal is to drive traffic to your website, or another objective that we haven’t listed here.

Not Considering Images:

By knowing your audience, you can also understand what they like in your ads. Considering images are responsible for 75%-80% of ad performance. So it’s your time to pay attention to what visuals you’re using in your ads. Facebook offers several ad formats, and most of them have the option to include at least one image.

If you choose a slideshow format for your ad, you can include several images to help capture the user’s attention and increase your chance of a click or conversion. Images are great to catch a user’s attention when he or she scrolling down the newsfeed.

Always think twice when you’re selecting an image for your ads. The image should have a connection to the product, service, or offer you are promoting. Choosing a random stock photo that’s not providing any value to your offer is not going to help, even if it grabs the user’s attention. The images you choose should be clear, with minimal text.


Facebook marketing is an amazing marketing tactic to drive traffic, but silly mistakes can dramatically destroy your efforts and cost you time and money.

Keep things simple by using bold and fewer words images that immediately convey their meaning along with the short and punchy text. By keeping these three mistakes in mind when building your Facebook ads, you’ll all set to increase your business sales. If you want more information or want to take PPC Services in India, feel free to contact us.

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