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Pay Per Click Services in India

More Traffic! More Leads! More Sales!

Get a boom in your business with more traffic, leads and sales – all at lowest CPA (Cost per Acquisition). We will deliver you a better Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) by utilizing all PPC platforms effectively. Choose WebXeros to ramp up your PPC services. 

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    Best PPC Services India for Guaranteed Rankings

    Maximize ROI of your business with our pay per click management services and pay only for the traffic you want.

    Pay per click, commonly known as PPC can be defined as an Internet advertising model that helps in directing increased traffic to websites where advertisers pay the hosting service when their ad is clicked. Highly professional and efficient PPC services are helpful in effectively managing PPC accounts. They also help in improving the return on investment (ROI). Unlike the conventional methods used for advertising, with Pay Per Click services advertisers are not required to pay when their advertisement is displayed, instead, they are only required to pay when their advertisement is clicked by a visitor who is then directed to the advertiser’s website.

    Working in partnership with you, our main objective is to provide you with a unique solution tailored to your business need. We can be your ideal business partner, as we can deliver everything for your business needs. This is one the biggest reason to choose us.


      Why PPC is Important for Your Business?

      Pay per click (PPC) allows you to directly reach to your targeted audience at right time. You can put your ad in front of people who are most likely to be interested in what you are offering. You can use various PPC platforms such as Google ads, Bing ads, and FB ads etc to advertise on. Following are the benefits of PPC for your business:

      Immediate Results

      PPC does not take a long time to push your website on the top of search engines. It will start bringing you results immediately after making the campaigns live.

      Only Pay for What You Get

      The best thing about PPC is – it offers complete value of your money. You just need to pay only when someone clicks on your ad. No additional charges!

      Understand Audience

      PPC gives you the variety of option to reach your target audience through locations, languages, demographics & devices etc. So, it helps you to find out the potential clients.

      More Leads & Conversions

      With the result-oriented approaches, kick-ass strategies & consistently optimization, it is easier to achieve higher conversion rates in PPC.

      Export to New Market

      PPC offers wider exposure by giving access to the new markets. It accelerates your business success remarkably.

      Control & Manage

      It gives high levels of control over paid advertising campaigns. You can make your campaigns more flexible, customizable, and manageable


      What Makes Webxeros the Best PPC Company in India

      We have provided PPC management and marketing services to 100+ satisfied customers. By continuously getting the quality 5 start ratings & feedback from our clients on Upwork, we have become India’s Best PPC marketing Company. There are lots of factors that made us the prominent Company amongst all such as:

      • We are Google’s Premier Partners
      • Highly Focused Campaigns
      • Customer Centric Approach
      • Tailored marketing solutions as per your business needs
      • We have an expert PPC advertising team.
      • Prompt and result oriented services.
      • Great Portfolio of Clients & long history of successful PPC Campaigns
      • We have been in this field long enough to establish our own methodology.
      • Guaranteed Traffic a speculated time frame
      • Monthly track report
      • 24×7 Customers Supports
      Why Choose Us

      Know Our PPC STRATEGY and Why It’s the Best!

      Being a leading PPC management company in India, we provide tailored PPC solutions at affordable rates. We will get your brand in front of people who are actively searching for what you have to offer. Our PPC experts will figure it out which platforms make the most sense for your business. Here are our efficient PPC strategies:

      We will audit your all PPC accounts including Google ads, Bing ads, FB ads, Twitter ads, LinkedIn ads etc. We develop an effective PPC strategy to enhance the performance of your campaigns.

      We will do in-depth keywords research as well as competitors analysis by using various tools such as Semrush, keywords planner, ubersuggest and many more. We will analyze your competitors market, traffic sources & which keywords they are using.

      We create focused & compelling adcopies to increase CTR and ensure higher ROI. We optimize your adcopies to see which one performing well. Relevant adcopies as per keywords as well as landing pages.

      We optimize and create landing pages to make it highly convertible. We help you to create the landing pages that increase the performance of your PPC campaigns and maximize your ROI.

      We ensure the higher conversion rate via automatic & manual bid management. We know which bidding strategy works well with your campaigns. Campaign optimization is based on your data. Completely results-oriented approach.

      Monthly reports and in-depth analyses. Our PPC experts provide campaign insights and actionable advice for improving campaigns performance. We will help you to stay ahead of the race.

      Our Specialized PPC Services


      Search Advertising

      We will push your brand on the top of search engines. Relevant and well-focused campaigns to make sure that your website gets higher visibility, instant traffic and higher conversions rates.


      Display Advertising

      We will create intelligently-targeted and cost-effective display campaigns to reach your target audience, increase brand awareness and boost your exposure. We will help to improve your sales & overall ROI.


      Social Media Advertising

      We are experts on advertising on all social media channels including FB, twitter, and LinkedIn etc. We develop and implement innovative social strategies to drive more business & reaching your potential audience.



      Remarketing is the smart advertising method to show your ads to those users who have visited your website earlier. We will use the advanced techniques to re-engage with your previous users.


      Google Shopping Ads

      We use retail-centric approach to manage your shopping ad campaigns. We ensure that you get broader exposure, higher click through rate (CTR), and more sales effectively.


      Mobile Advertising

      Nowadays, millions of users are spending time on surfing the internet on smartphones & tablets. So, it is required to reach them. We will build customized campaigns to reach your targeted audience.


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