8 Most Common Myths about Digital Marketing

As a Digital Marketer, You very well known, there’s no shortage of misconceptions surrounding digital marketing. Digital marketing has become necessary for all types of businesses to market their services or products online. Many people are unaware of digital marketing, and the actual truth could affect the success of your online strategy.

If you want to do your digital marketing in the right way and getting results, these myths need to be dispelled. For your convenience, we’ve made a list of 8 most common myths about digital marketing, which you need to stop believing right now.

MYTH #1: SEO is only One-time Process

Many Businesses keep a budget for the SEO strategy for 4 months. After that, they don’t invest any budget for a long time. The reason is that they think it is a one-time process by changing keywords and design of the website. Even SEO needs normal maintenance like other things in digital marketing. You need to fix a monthly budget for the normal maintenance of your website.

Search algorithm changes all the time, and SEO strategies have to be renewed, to make sure that they’re still effective.

MYTH #2: Online Bad Comments can harm your Business

Some business owners hesitate to promote their business online, fearing they’d have to deal with shaming, negative comments, and low ratings from unsatisfied customers. This kind of thinking should be reversed because the web is a public place where existing and potential customers can give you feedback very easily, which means that you have the opportunity to address this feedback in real-time and provide stellar customer service.

If you are facing any negative feedback or being shamed, don’t get angry. Block the user instead of providing a courteous and useful response or leaving your contact details. Then address the problem ASAP and make sure the customer is satisfied or not. This will effectively block nasty rumors about your business from spreading.

MYTH #3: My Business Must be Present on Every Social Media Platform

There are more social media platforms than ever- and new ones emerging all the time. This doesn’t mean you can’t market your business on each one though. Each social network attracts a different client, which gives you the opportunity to boost your business. While having a business page on each social media platform used by your targeted audience is important and can push your brand forward, but you should always keep these things into your mind:

Your targeted audience is not necessarily on the platform which you have chosen. So you started doing marketing on Instagram, but what if your targeted audience is professional and more likely to be found on LinkedIn. That’s why it is better to perform research; it’ll help you to find which social network is relevant to your targeted audience.

MYTH #4: Success of Digital Marketing based on Huge Traffic

Traffic is important, but what’s more important is driving the right traffic. The success of digital marketing doesn’t depend upon whether the website is getting thousands of traffic per day; the purpose is to bring the targeted traffic. Otherwise, the website might get 3000 random visitors, only 10 of them become leads. It is far way better than getting only 300 random visitors, but 30 of them become leads.

MYTH #5: Why my Business needs Website when there is Social Media?

No doubt, social media is a great marketing tool, but it can’t replace your website. Some business owners get so excited that they put all their efforts into it and neglect their website. However, a high-quality website must be the main focus of your digital marketing efforts. That’s where people come to purchase your products or services. If your website is not well optimized, has broken links, looks horrible, etc., that just loss for your business. Search engines punish that kind of website by ranking them lower in the search results.

If you really want to build your brand in such a competitive market, you can’t only rely on social media. You must have a website that is well- organized, user-friendly, fast loading speed, and updated regularly.

MYTH #6: E-mail marketing is Dead

This myth has lost its value; try thinking about the last time you get into a conversation with any business or organization via e-mail. You get most of your bills by email, bank information by email, and you even get signed up on some brand newsletters to get updates and any discount offers or sales by email. So it’s completely a myth that e-mail marketing is dead.

According to this graph, most people check their mailbox in every few hours.

MYTH #7: My Competitors are not using Digital Marketing… Why Should I?

Many businesses make a common mistake that they don’t take the necessary steps to get ahead of their competitors. They believe that if competitors are not using digital marketing, then why should I use it? Business owners with this kind of mindset will definitely be losing a large number of potential customers who have already taken on the digital route for finding products and services.

MYTH #8: Digital Marketing is very Expensive

Many people think that as digital marketing can reach millions of people, it would be very costly than traditional marketing. On the contrary, Brand promotion online is much more cost-effective than you think. There are many different opportunities to test and try without spending a lot. Try Facebook ads for the budget of $10 a day. Set up a Google AdWords campaign for $100. Getting your business or brand in front of more faces will benefit you immensely, and many companies have found success with focused digital marketing strategies.


Putting efforts into a digital marketing strategy can get you new customers and help you to increase your reach. To make the most of digital marketing, it is best to find out the most effective ways to reach your targeted audience without letting myths standing in your way.

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