Why Do Businesses Need To Focus On Digital Marketing In 2021?

Digital Markting

Currently, many companies are still reluctant to start an online branding project. However, there are many advantages that this type of strategy provides. In order to delight our potential clients, in addition to being useful and personal, we must know and understand the new purchasing process, which is omnichannel, but with a high Internet presence and with a prior information search phase that is eminently digital.

Many brands resist starting a branding project, mainly because they think that this type of strategy will not bring significant advantages to their business, above all short term. However this strategy can bring in a lot of business, there is a better and easier way. No small business, no matter how new or small, should overlook the potential that the digital age offers.

We Can Affirm That There Are Six Clear Benefits Of Digital Marketing For Companies:
  1. Obtain valuable informationwebxeros - Digital amrketing

If there is a clear advantage of starting at a corporate level in the online world, collecting valuable data from our followers. How old are they? Where they live? What are your hobbies? Through social networks or email marketing, we can obtain a lot of information that will help us to guide our content strategy

  1. Visibility

You don’t have a high budget for your marketing plan? Don’t worry because a digital campaign will give you the same or better results, allowing you to take your company’s brand to the whole world, without borders, and at a low cost. If you have some budget, you can bet on paid promotions that allow you to move your brand with preferential treatment within the different social networks. If you do not have it, you can generate organic content that will contribute more and more followers to your community with constancy in its publication.

  1. Segmentation

Another benefit of digital marketing for companies is that we can reach those we want more easily, thanks to social networks’ segmentation possibilities. And suppose you’re going to do an email marketing campaign.

In that case, many supplier companies market databases with all the sociodemographic, psychological, and behavioral information on the internet that you may need to send the email to the target you define. In this section, you must have to take into account the current legislation on the LOPD.

  1. Flexibility

It is common to miss the first marketing action regarding efforts directed directly to people with too many factors of likes, interests, and preferences at stake that may not have fit. Fortunately, the online world is flexible and allows quick and easy correction and changes.

  1. Dissemination in different channels

At this point, we mention the wide range of tools that we can choose to develop our strategy: banners on web pages, email marketing actions, social networks, blogs, and exploit each of them with the multiple alternatives they offer: videos, images, contests, questionnaires, redirects to our website, etc.

The digital marketing so that you can orient yourself on the channels in which it is advisable to carry out the action, what strategy to implement, or segment the recipients of the different messages.

The best digital marketing company is specialized in designing customized marketing, communication, and advertising projects in offline and online environments.

  1. Inbound marketing.

One of the latest techniques that you will have heard in marketing is inbound marketing or love marketing. It is a commercial promotion and negotiation technique whose purpose is to attract potential customers through interest information.

Inbound Marketing, instead of focusing directly on the sale as traditional marketing does, seeks to provide information to the potential consumer. The customer trusts the company’s products (total transparency and technical information) since he will consider it as competent and experienced in the field of action where he develops his activity.

Inbound and Outbound Marketing

inbound and outbound

In contrast to this concept, Inbound Marketing is Outbound marketing, which uses advertising and marketing techniques that are usually disruptive. They provide the user with commercial information that has not been requested, not in your interest.

Inbound Marketing is not the same as Attraction Marketing. The term attraction marketing is often used as a synonym for Inbound.

Marketing, but they are different concepts.

Attraction marketing is part of the first phase of Inbound Marketing, which consists of generating quality content aimed at capturing the attention of the target consumers / potential clients that we pursue.

The acronym for Inbound Marketing has its meaning.

➨ I: Interaction. It is necessary to exercise a correct interaction with customers (as fluid as possible), taking care of them, carrying out Inbound Marketing or Love Marketing actions, and generating trust in them, since they are the ones who have been interested in your brand and your product or service.

➨ N: Novelty. Inbound Marketing is a relatively modern and novel way of doing marketing.

Inbound Marketing tries to seduce customers by specializing the brand and the products or services (in a natural way), which is entirely different from traditional marketing, focused on direct sales (putting pressure on the user).

➨ B: Branding. It helps to enhance and project the brand image of the business through a reliable and appropriate appearance.

➨ O: Organization. As in any business process, in Inbound Marketing, the organization is essential. It is necessary to think hard about the content and information that will be offered to potential consumers because it will depend on whether they finally place their trust in your brand or not.

➨ U: Unification. All actions in the Inbound digital marketing campaign must be aimed at seeking customer trust and subsequent loyalty.

➨ N: Naturalness. Inbound offers specific resources and mechanisms (a more fluid way of communicating and based on the naturalness of day to day) to attract and retain customers in a natural way. The classic forced advertising events in which the commercial learn by heart a Speach with the advantages and benefits of the product or service they offer.

➨ D: Dynamization. The philosophy on which Inbound Marketing has based consists in the dynamization of the contents and the information generated about the product or service that you offer through the website to reach the largest possible number of people.

Inbound Marketing Definition Inbound Marketing is a set of non-intrusive marketing techniques that allow attracting customers by providing them with added value based on the combination of various online marketing actions. These actions are:


We understand it as an added value, information, and content intended for users whose purpose is to attract and capture them. Different content formats are used (posts, videos, animations, infographics, ebooks, etc.) in the company’s digital communication channels (blog, social networks, electronic newsletters, etc.).

Inbound Marketing is a new way of doing Marketing because changes are continuously taking place in society and consumer habits.

Customers will not consume if we are frequently “harassing” them with advertising and low-quality content and information and focused on sales.

Today customers are looking for something more:

  • Differentiation
  • Quality in brand products and services.

Inbound Marketing has changed the way of doing things in traditional Marketing since it is no longer about chasing customers, but we must attract them.

For this, we can benefit from the technological innovations that exist today within our reach to develop an Inbound Marketing as elegant as possible. Control of visits to the digital marketing website. Thanks to the management of visits and traffic to our website, we will know where users visit.

You have users who regularly visit your website and have not visited it for weeks. You can find out their absences and take some action to attract their attention again. You can send them a personalized email to remind them that you are waiting for them or do remarket to remind them that you are still there and come back to visit your website.

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